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The Problem with Prospecting & Recruiting on Social Media

Most people struggle with network marketing being It face to face or on social media. Ferny Ceballos, my mentor describes in this blog post the correct way to use social media to build your business. I quit job as an engineer 2 1/2 years after joining the industry in 2008, became a 6-figure earner in direct sales […]

The 5 Step Formula to Compel Your Prospects to Take Action

Most people think to win in sales you gotta be pushy and aggressive. In fact, when I got started in direct sales, I was told over and over again… “You’re not going to succeed because you’re not aggressive enough!” Spoiler alert: they were wrong. I went on to have a successful career in sales for many years (…before leaving […]

The #1 Skill in Network Marketing for 2018

What if you could create a significant residual income BEFORE you’ve even built a large network marketing organization? …and what if you could do it without prospecting friends, family or strangers?! Crazy as that might sound, it’s possible… but only if you know the #1 network marketing skill available today! Unfortunately, your upline (probably) can’t teach you this […]

4 Steps to Turn LinkedIn into Your Personal Sales

Network marketing is changing. It’s no secret that more and more distributors are turning to the Internet and recruiting with social media. Facebook is the first choice of many, which makes sense; it is, after all, the largest and most well-known of all social networking sites. But, there’s a catch. Facebook, as you already know all-too-well, is FILLED to […]

7 Powerful Traits of Ultra-Successful Entrepreneurs

Be honest… Have you ever been nervous about what other people might think of your business? Especially if you’re building online, you might have some fears about what your upline and downline, or your friends and family, might think when they start seeing your content and Facebook Lives in their News Feed. I’m not going to lie, I’ve […]

Why Building on Social Media Makes Recruiting Easier, Faster and More Convenient

Avon is closing down… Recently, Sharon Plant, Avon’s ​ANZ President and Managing Director  announced that the company will be closing down in Australia and New Zealand … Leaving 210 people unemployed and 21,400 distributors without their business… This brings to light a common teaching, by most uplines in the network marketing industry     “Build your business, not your […]

Are you living your legacy?

Last week, we had a retirement party for a man that dedicated more than 30 years for the medical profession. Now he is turning 70 so his retirement has been overdue. But what a honor and pleasure to listen to all the beautiful stories people had to share about him, and all the experiences they […]

7 Powerful Ways to Add Thousands to your List and Master the MLM “Numbers Game”

In MLM, it’s not what you know, or even who you know. It’s actually more about who knows you. If you’re at all serious, you’ve got a list of subscribers to your blog, an RSS feed, an email newsletter or other services. Whether 10 you’ve got just 10 people on your list or 10,000, the object of the game is to build your list! After all, you’ve probably heard a thousand times…