Are you living your legacy? – Sandra and Leila

Are you living your legacy?

Last week, we had a retirement party for a man that dedicated more than 30 years for the medical profession. Now he is turning 70 so his retirement has been overdue.

But what a honor and pleasure to listen to all the beautiful stories people had to share about him, and all the experiences they had with him.

What was clearly was that this man treated everyone in the department as a family member, anyone could come to him at any point and he would make sure he could happily help that person. I had the pleasure to experience this quality even though I only worked with him for about a month.

He has left a legacy: work as a family. The important question arose: Am I living my legacy?And I pass the question to you: Are you living your legacy?Your legacy is something to create during your lifetime so future generations can use it.For example people like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson they all left a legacy that we are using it in our daily lives.

In order to create a legacy: Start with the end in mind.Once you know where you want to end, then you can start, and learn how to get there.

STEP 1. Understand your legacy

“ we are stewards of this world to live it better than we found’. Our grandparents, our parents they have all given us a guide on how to live life.You can start by taking simple virtues such as kindness, courtesy, respect, humility.Add your unique gift or talent and share it with others and you will create a lasting legacy.Remember how do you want to be remembered, when you are no longer here?

Step 2: Choose your legacy. Legacies come in different shapes and forms. It can be financial legacies such as in specific funds for example for scholarships for a specific degree, institutional legacies such as a youth center with a positive impact in your community. But an important part of legacy is sharing values and life lessons. Ask yourself what inspires you?Regardless of what kind of day you are having you would still be able to stay in purpose with the activity you enjoy and still have great satisfaction for example Mother Theresa- capacity of love and Dali Lama- Compassion

Step 3. Focus on your legacy. To decide on exactly what you want to do, is an introspective exercise, you need to look within you.You can start by looking at your CAREER. Don’t just look at what your JOB TITTLE but look at WHAT YOU DO.For example you are not just a stay-at-home mom you are a family manager. You make sure everything is organized for the whole family, without YOU everyone’s lives would be chaotic.For this exercise on the importance of what you do, you can start by asking your family members, close friends, colleagues to help guide you on your qualities.

Also consider which activities, what topics you’re passionate about and you find interesting.Remember your legacy should be a service of love.After doing your introspective focus and deciding on your passion.Now you can write your life statement for example John Maxwell’s life statement is: I want to add value to leaders who will multiply value to others”. This statement is important because it sets the direction for your life but it also determines the legacy you will leave.

Step 4: Live your Legacy You have a plan of action, now its time to implement it.Answer the following question: what must you do in order to live that legacy? It can be behavioral changes, character development, education, working methods.Both your actions and your words leave a legacy behind for your family members, friends, work colleagues even the random person you encounter at the shops.Share the lessons you have learned with others.



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